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Drinking Alcohol While You’re Pregnant Actually Affects your Baby

We are all familiar with the scene that a woman gets herself drunk during a rave party and then suddenly wakes up in the morning while sleeping on somebody’s bed. To those who are in the countries like the United States, that’s already normal so chances are that most of these women have taken the pill right before going to the party. However, it is also inevitable that sometimes, pills don’t do their usual function. Needless to say, even if you have taken the pill, you still ended up becoming pregnant.


If you have taken the pill, you might not have noticed that you’re already pregnant so chances are that you’re still partying and drinking all night. Let’s just say that you’ve taken pregnancy tests right after you noticed that your menstrual period got delayed. And if you found out that you’re pregnant, there’s no doubt that you’re somewhat worried about the alcohol that you’ve taken might affect your baby.

Drinking Alcohol While You’re Pregnant Actually Affects your Baby

Alcohol versus Your Developing Baby

The truth is, women drinking alcohol while they’re pregnant is known to cause pregnancy-related disorders and birth defects such as fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) and fetal alcohol effects miscarriage (FAE). However, further scientific research has proven that the alcohol doesn’t affect your baby in the very early stage, especially during the times that you don’t have any idea that you’re pregnant. However, it is good for women to stop drinking as early as the baby’s third week since this is the time where the baby starts to develop his or her internal organs. Needless to say, you must immediately some drinking the moment you found out and confirmed that you’re already pregnant.


Sometimes, things don’t actually work out the way doctors wanted it to be. Some women will continue on drinking especially if they don’t have any idea of their baby’s father, which is the result of drinking and partying all night. If this is the case, chances are that the alcohol might result in fetal cell death, therefore putting both yourself and your baby in a dangerous situation. However, if you can still think clearly, this could also mean the time to change your reckless ways, then.


Whether we like it or not, a baby is still a baby. As a new mother, you must make sure that your baby is always in good condition. Even if you think that the baby is just the result of your carelessness, that’s not enough to make your baby suffer for the things that he or she has no idea of. Stop drinking if you know you’re pregnant, especially if you don’t want to put yourself and your baby in danger.