Foods that can Help You During Your Menopause

For Women: Foods that can Help You During Your Menopause

Menopause is an issue that a normal woman must undergo. It may be hard to accept for the first time, especially if she isn’t used to the experience. However, just like other times, women must take good care of themselves especially during this time. Due to the fact that a woman’s hormones are directly affected during this time, it can cause her some health issues such as decrease in nutrient count or the like. And in order to prevent this problem, women must take the right foods that will help them as they experience menopause.

Foods that can Help You During Your Menopause
Foods that can Help You During Your Menopause


If you’re a woman and are now experiencing menopausal issues, these are the foods that will help you during this time:


  1. High-calcium foods – Studies show that women tend to lose more calcium in their bodies during this time because of decreasing estrogen rates in their body. In order to prevent calcium loss, foods with high-calcium content like milk, yogurt, tofu and cheese will definitely help you. However, if you’re concerned about your weight, better consult your doctor if you can take vitamin D and calcium supplements instead.


  1. Vitamin B and Omega-3 Fats – Mood swings and anxiety that a woman feels during this time can be a bit overwhelming. If this is the case, foods that are rich in Vitamin B and Omega-3 will help. These two can be found in fishes like Tuna and Salmon and in lean meat, flaxseeds and lentils.


  1. Fiber – Due to the fact that high-calcium foods also mostly contain a substantial amount of fat, most women are worried in taking those foods. However, instead of refraining yourself from eating these foods, you can take fiber-rich foods along with it. Beans, Lentils and fruits such as apple and berries are examples of fiber-rich foods.


  1. Mediterranean Foods – If you’re constantly experiencing hot flashes, olive oil, wine, fruits and vegetables will help you lessen it.