Girls First Periods Comes Earlier than Before

Girls First Periods Comes Earlier than Before

Theories about whether the girls’ first periods coming earlier than before are providing much buzz in the female and scientific circles.  On the other hand, there are hypotheses that better nutrition in our food and water may lead to the decline in the age of first menstruation.


Understand that most girls have their first periods at the age of 12 to 13, but some have theirs as early as 8 years old. On the other hand, other girls have their periods by the age of 14-16.

Girls First Periods Comes Earlier than Before
Girls First Periods Comes Earlier than Before


While there are no solid conclusions about the reasons of “earlier” first periods among the girls today, it has been found in the present research that menstrual periods are being “little earlier.”  The study was based on a completed study of 2,500 girls residing in the United States of America in the years 1973 and 2003.  In 2003, the average age of the first menstruation of the girls was 12.43 years old which is four month earlier compared to the average of first period of the girls in 1973.  However, the difference between these two periods is statistically insignificant.


Furthermore, previous studies pertaining to this issue were deemed flawed, making their conclusions unreliable at the most.  One particular flaw is the exclusion of information of girls aged 14 and above.  The study did not even involve a representative sample of minorities.  But then again, we are looking at old methods of studies here.  In this modern era, study methods have been evolved, providing us more accurate outcome about various issues including this topic about ‘earlier first periods.’


For the meantime we must consider that today’s teenage girls are not getting their first periods very much earlier than before.  We may have to wait until further studies give us the more accurate details concerning this issue.