How Do You Know if you are Pregnant

How Do You Know if you are Pregnant—Symptoms, Signs and Guide

The news about pregnancy brings women to extreme emotions.  Some may feel elated, blissful and excited simply because they are expecting “the gift” from heaven.  Unfortunately, some may feel scared, afraid, anxious or terrified because they do not expect to be pregnant.  Before assuming anything about pregnancy, might as well be properly guided in knowing if you are truly one.


How Do You Know if you are Pregnant
How Do You Know if you are Pregnant



  • Are you actively exercising sex with your partner? Do you take necessary precautions in this matter? Know that being on pill or that your partner uses condom makes vast difference. If you’re actively engaging sex without protection, then you would really want a child.  You should know, too, that merely “pulling out” does not certify that you won’t get pregnant.


  • Noticed if you missed your period? Having the spotting or what you call implantation bleeding before or after your menstruation schedule might indicate about pregnancy.


Symptoms and Signs

  • Dizziness, fatigue, sleepiness and muscle weakness are usually felt by pregnant women.
  • Pregnant women develop extra sensitivity when it comes to the sense of smell. Example, when you smell cheese you just can’t help but feel nauseated, something which did not happen in the past. You may also want certain smell even if it grosses you out normally.
  • Nausea or morning sickness is usually considered as the “big cue” when it comes to pregnancy. Movies and stories often portray pregnant women throwing up every morning.
  • Notice if your breasts become sensitive (or feel sore), increase in size and are tender.
  • Constipation and frequent urinating are also signs that you are pregnant.



  • Buy a pregnancy test (PT) which is available in almost every drugstore. Follow the instruction given on the kit and see if those two vertical line marks appear.
  • Go and visit your doctor for some tests if you really want to make sure. This step is actually the best for both you and your baby.



How Do You Know if you are Pregnant
How Do You Know if you are Pregnant