How to deal with a pregnant mother

How to deal with a pregnant mother – 9 steps

It is definitely exciting to know that you are going to get a brother or a sister very soon.  Your mother faces lot of changes during these nine months and needs a lot of support from you.  This will make this entire process very easy.  So always be there to support her and help her out in her work and do not crib or feel sad about anything, because everytbhing will be situational.  Your mother will not do things to upset you, she will do it because she needs to take care of the baby.


How to deal with a pregnant mother
How to deal with a pregnant mother


  • Understand your mom and the baby:  The mother will probably be sic for a few weeks.  Slowly she will get really big.  She will be like this only for nine months and then she will be back to her normal size.
  • The first two months:  Your mom might be vomiting, do not worry.  She is just getting ready or rather ready to make a baby.  She will probably not gain a lot of weight and might be a little tired or moody.
  • Months 3-4:  She probably might have a small belly which is not easy to notice.  She will still get a little sick.  Do not be worried about your new brother or sister.  Ask your mom if you two can talk.
  • Months 5-6:  Now your moms belly will be larger.  She will get a sonogram done and you can see the baby or babies.  She will probably have back pain, so if your mom drops something then pick it up for her and help her.
  • Months 7-8:  Your mom will be really huge by now.  She will probably pay a lot of attention to the baby.  Do not feel bad or sad about it.  Instead help her and give her a hug every now and then to make her feel good.
  • Month 9:  This is the month when your baby brother or sister will arrive.  This time your mother will be very nervous.  She might also look for baby names.

In the end the baby arrives.  You will be able to meet and feel the baby and help your mother take care of him or her.


How to deal with a pregnant mother
How to deal with a pregnant mother




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