How to Dress During Early Pregnancy


Pregnancy is something that a woman should be proud of.  However, as a woman’s body is undergoing a different kind of change, she might feel discomfort and a bit of insecurity.  Usually, women choose to dress in baggy clothing, compromising style and image in the process.  That should not be the case most especially when you are only at the first trimester of your pregnancy.   Here are a few tips on how you should present yourself:


How to Dress During Early Pregnancy
How to Dress During Early Pregnancy


  • Dress in casual layer and this includes flat or low heels for your feet. When the temperature outside is cold, don blouse and enhance it with stylish jacket.  Opt for pants with stretchable fabric to make yourself feel comfortable.  To complete your look, add a long necklace suited for your attire.


  • Stretch denim, silk and cotton fabrics can help you in your fashion during this period. For elegance, select cotton and silk-made outfits.


  • During the first trimester and you haven’t gained a lot of weight, you can still wear your jeans whether they are skinny, flare or bootleg. Now, if you gained an inch or so, you can always do the rubber band trick.  To do this, tie the rubber band through the button hole and tie it up on the button.  This should keep your pants in place and remember to put long and a little bit baggy top to cover your secret ‘trick.’


  • Choose sweaters that are made of lighter material, are loose fitting and a little bit longer. This should give space enough to make you and your baby feel comfortable.


  • Booties can be your best friend during your pregnancy as it allows enough height and foot comfort.


  • Flats are most welcome as they do not only give comfort but security in footing as well.



How to Dress During Early Pregnancy
How to Dress During Early Pregnancy





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