how to get pregnant faster

How to get pregnant faster with irregular periods – 10 Steps

There are women who can easily conceive—and these are very lucky women— but others aren’t just as lucky as they are.  While there are 9 out of 10 women who can conceive within a year after a baby-making sex, 1 may still find herself unable to get the baby she is dreaming of.

how to get pregnant faster
how to get pregnant faster


Sadly, there’s no exact scientific method for pregnancy because there are a lot of factors affecting the fertility.  Age, health, menstrual periods (for women) and lifestyle are but several of these influences.  To increase the probability of pregnancy, here are few tips to help couples who find themselves in this kind of dilemma:


  1. Increase periods in love-making. Couples must engage themselves into having sex often.


  1. Choose sex positions which are good for baby-making. You may do a little research about this, but that isn’t a difficult task, is it?


  1. Avoid using lubricants that will affect sperm count. Let your love-making be as natural as possible.


  1. Be passionate about sex. Orgasms of both male and female help a lot for conception.


  1. For women: Determine your fertility cycle. Be organized in planning and scheduling heated nights together with your partner.


  1. For men: Rise of scrotal temperature will decrease sperm count. Avoid prolonging your stay in hot tubs and closing those legs together.


  1. The couple must observe healthy diet and lifestyle.


  1. Avoid stress and know how to put yourself in relaxation mode.


  1. Quit vices such as alcohol and smoking.


10 Be conscious about your caffeine intake.


how to get pregnant faster
how to get pregnant faster