Pregnancy Test

How Long Should Women Wait Before Taking another Pregnancy Test?

Nowadays, women who constantly engage themselves in sexual intercourses with men tend to have a set of ‘precautionary’ measures along with her. This includes using contraceptives such as pills and condoms for their partners. However, there are times that some of them are being paranoid about having a baby so they tend to take a pregnancy test after the intercourse. Most people nowadays know that condoms aren’t one hundred percent effective so chances are that some of them might still get pregnant.


The same situation also goes with couples who really wanted to have a child. Days after their intercourse, some women take pregnancy tests in order to determine whether she’s pregnant this time or not. And due to the fact that pregnancy test kits are becoming more affordable nowadays, these tests can be made depending on the woman’s mood and money.

How Long Should Women Wait Before Taking another Pregnancy Test?

Taking Pregnancy Tests

Most pregnancy test kits have included instructions suggesting that the woman must use it a week right after the intercourse. In this case, chances are that the results will be easily determined especially if you’ve done the sexual intercourse unprotected. In this case, the pregnancy test kits determine whether the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG), a hormone that is produced by embryos right after the sperm implantation is present or not. Needless to say, if the right number of hGC is present in your urine, chances are that you’re pregnant. It is during this time that women usually take frequent tests in order to get results faster. It sure sounds very ridiculous but it’s understandable for them to become paranoid, especially if the woman does unprotected sex with her boyfriend without their parent’s knowledge and while they’re not married.


When it comes to taking pregnancy test kits, a woman should wait for a week or more before taking it. If the pregnancy tests are done at an earlier time, chances are that the woman would probably get negative results. To those who didn’t know, hCG hormonal count doubles every forty-eight hours so the results that you’ve taken beforehand will nonetheless be considered void. The truth is, this is the where most of them are baffled, especially if they become pregnant even though the pregnancy test kits declare them negative.


Due to the fact that the paranoia could probably drive a woman insane, doctors and midwives suggest to every woman that right after intercourse, they should act like as if they’re pregnant until the right tests have proven that they’re actually not. And right after taking pregnancy tests, they should contact the doctor immediately especially if the test results turn out to be positive.