Pregnant Women Should Observe While Painting

6 Rules that Pregnant Women Should Observe While Painting

Expectant mothers are usually oozing with excitement and positive vibes, most especially if it’s their first time.  They have to check on the baby clothes, toys, accessories, milk, vitamins… and oh, the nursery!  Never forget the nursery above anything else!


Pregnant Women Should Observe While Painting
Pregnant Women Should Observe While Painting


While most of them, mothers, do not think of painting the nursery as first in their priority list, who knows how their excitement could take hold of them? Anyway, should the craving get strong, just take note of the following rules before you even pickup that paintbrush.


  1. Consider Proper Timing

Wait until you safely get into your second semester for it is found out that there is relatively low risk of paint fumes on fetuses.  To be more specific, the British National Health Service advices moms-to-be to refrain painting nurseries at least until their 14th week of pregnancy.


  1. Make the Room Well-Ventilated

Open doors and windows and make use of a fan to help the fresh air circulate within the room for several days and even after you are done painting the room.


  1. Use Protective Gear

Wear long sleeve shirts, pants, gloves to protect from absorbing chemicals through your skin.  You can also buy an inexpensive painter’s mask from any hardware store to reduce exposure from paint fumes which may affect you and your baby.


  1. Hands-off with Oil-Based and Spray Paints

Know that oil-based and spray paints contain substances that are associated in increasing risk of miscarriage and birth defects.  Use only the unleaded, water-based kinds and leave this kind of paint in the hands of your husband or a professional.


  1. Never Eat or Drink Where the Painting is Being Done

You might risk your food in contamination when you eat or drink in that room you are working on.  Take your snacks and meals in the kitchen or dining area only.  Also, do not forget to wash your hands before taking your meals or drinking.


  1. Do Not Overwork

Listen to your body when you are already tired.  Remember that your top priority should be your and your baby’s health… not the nursery!