Risks involved in twin pregnancy

Risks involved in twin pregnancy, teenage pregnancy

Some women had this romantic notion of conceiving twins—whether identical or fraternal, professing that it’s a good one-time delivery. However, there are risks a woman must understand before engaging to active treatments to heighten the possibility of conception of twins.

Risks involved in twin pregnancy
Risks involved in twin pregnancy


In reality, twin pregnancy increases odds of danger for both the mother and the babies. The dangers range from mere troublesome pain to life-threatening conditions.  Knowing about these facts will help whether to push through such drastic action.


  • Pregnancy Induced Hypertension (PIH) – 37% of twin pregnancy induces PIH which is a double or triple in percentage over single conceptions. If this condition is not monitored or treated, the mother may develop preeclampsia, a more serious case.  Worse, the babies may be due for premature labor or stillborn birth.


  • Preeclampsia is characterized with high blood pressure and protein in the urine. It can lead to eclampsia or toxemia that causes severe seizures which risky for both mom and babies.  A mother under preeclamsia experiences puffiness, migraines and a quick weight gain.


  • Gestational Diabetes– an abnormality in sugar levels during pregnancy. It can be prevented or treated by having a balanced diet program.


  • Bleeding– Mothers giving birth to twins bleed during the delivery.


  • Intense morning sickness leading to hyperemesis gravidarum. The latter is the cause of 5% weight loss for the mother, and compels hospitalization.


  • Constipation- a condition in which the mother has difficulty in eliminating solid waste from the body.


  • Premature labor. Medication can stop this condition but may give side effects to the babies.


  • C- Section (or Caesarean Section) is most likely most especially when there are problems in the positioning of the babies inside the mother’s womb.


  • Post Partum Depression. Indicates stress after giving birth.


  • Prematurity. Twins are more susceptible for this. This may be premature development of some body parts/ immune system of one or both of the twins.
Risks involved in twin pregnancy
Risks involved in twin pregnancy