Late Periods

The Truth about Having Late Periods

Most people think that women having late periods only symbolize one bare fact, that is, pregnancy. However, this is not always true, given that there are many known factors that can literally delay a woman’s period.


Late Periods
Late Periods

According to studies, a woman’s reproductive axis and cycle is a very sensitive component. Being a finely-tuned feature, anything that is happening in her life can potentially delay that system. As an example, if she had a lot of stress because of a new job, just moved into a new location, or even having a relationship change can greatly affect this since her body interprets that as a reproductive cycle stress.

Infections can also delay or postpone menstrual cycle periods. Women who have some flu or any other body infection can be a potential cause for this delay. Even diabetes or underlying medical issues, whether it be treated or not, can also throw it off.

Medications, most of all, are also known to postpone or delay a woman’s period. Women who take birth control pills can also affect menstrual cycle periods. Some medicines not only delay those; they also have a capability to change a woman’s period entirely.

In order to make things short, almost anything, whether it is personal or not, can delay or postpone a woman’s period. It’s an important thing to remember that, especially if you don’t engage in a sexual intercourse or if you don’t have a boyfriend at all. And in addition to that, if in case that a woman had an intercourse, she would have done an at-home pregnancy test in order to make sure.