What are the possibility or chances of getting pregnant over 35?


Women nowadays are very different from the women decades ago.  Modernization plays a vital role in changing a woman’s lifestyle and priorities.  Thus, modern women tend to focus on career and self exploration before settling down.  Unfortunately, the female biological clock doesn’t come along with modernization. Meaning, probability of fertility declines as a woman—no matter how modern she is—ages.

chances of getting pregnant over 35?
chances of getting pregnant over 35?


In contrast to men, the probability of fertility with women after 35 bears a wide gap.  Of course, men experience decline in sperm count over the years but it’s not the same with women.  Whilst women and men differ in fertility chances, the question is: Is it still possible for 35 years old and above to conceive a baby?  And the answer will be:  YES, OF COURSE!


You may have heard of stories or news featuring women who were still able to conceive at the age of 40.  It’s not a modern day miracle actually.  There’s still vitality at the age of 35.  However, as mentioned earlier, chances for pregnancy decrease.  Though the female of species are born having millions of eggs, it is cut into around 300,000 as she steps into puberty.  From 300,000 only 300 are bound to be mature and freed in a process called, ‘ovulation.’  Thus, age determines the count of eggs.  The older the woman gets, the lesser the count.  Moreover, this statistics is applicable for the healthiest of women.  Negative factors like smoking, drinking, caffeine, illness and stress drag down more probabilities.


Therefore, fertility after 35 is considered a risky chance.  Miscarriage also occurs more often at this stage.  Regrettably, this is nature speaking.  Nevertheless, don’t give up hopes.  All you have to do is to act immediately.  There are modern facilities that will help increase fertility chances, hence pregnancy chances.  Research about the clinics within your area and don’t hesitate enlist yourself in their program.

chances of getting pregnant over 35?
chances of getting pregnant over 35?



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