For Women: Early Signs that You’re Now in Menopausal Stage


Most women approach menopausal stage starting late 50’s or early 60’s. However, women usually tend to notice some symptoms related to this stage, which can be a shock to them.


The truth is, before you enter menopausal stage, there’s a time that you have to experience perimenopause first. Perimenopause is a stage or phase which leads a woman to her final menstrual stage or period. Due to decline in a woman’s estrogen count, she experiences symptoms that can also be found in menopausal women. Needless to say, you’re not yet in menopausal stage so don’t worry.


Early Signs that You’re Now in Menopausal Stage
Early Signs that You’re Now in Menopausal Stage


Listed below are the symptoms which indicate that you are now experiencing perimenopause:

  1. Menstrual Cycle Changes – At this age, pregnancy is usually out of question. Due to the fact that depending on a women’s system, there’s a chance that irregular menstrual cycles are just normal for her. However, in case of regular ones, they can notice this one easily.


  1. Heart Palpitations – If you’re experiencing this one but you don’t have a heart disease record or even a history in your family, there’s a chance that you are now experiencing perimenopause. In order to make sure, you must better consult your doctor.


  1. Lower rate of Sex Drive – Due to the fact that a decreased estrogen count is involved, there’s a chance that a woman’s overall sex drive is lessened, along with vaginal dryness. If this is your case and you’re in late 50’s, there’s no doubt that you’re now experiencing this one.



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