The best pizzerias in the United States of America

Everyone likes pizzas. It gives great contentment when you gulp down a bite of cheese greased on the toppings of your favorite vegetables and meats enveloped in a golden crispy crust. The possibilities of pizzas are never ending, pepperoni, sausages, peppers, eggplant, olives, onions, broccoli, clams, extra cheese, roasted garlic cloves, shrimp, thick crust, thin rust!


Pizza has become a major business in the United States of America. In fact, 93% of the Americans are reported of consuming pizzas at least once in a month which makes the pizza industry of $38 billion. Wow!

On an average, Americans consume 46 slices or 23 lbs of pizza every year and annually, about 100 acres of pizzas are eaten in the U.S. (which is 350 slices per second).

The American Dairy Association has ranked pizza on fourth position in the ranking of America’s most craved foods, just behind cheese, chocolate, and ice cream.  There are above 69,000 pizzerias in U.S. that sell this staple food of U.S. but who knows which is the best pizzeria?

The Daily Ticker has put forth this question in front of Alex Vallis and Alex’s choices are surprising. The legendary pizza makers that include John, Grimaldi, and Totonno based in New York were not included and some of the pizzerias that he chose were located in the states and towns and not even recognized widely. Out of the mentioned pizzerias, two of them have become famous for their use of capers and cauliflower while others are yet under the process of being tested because of their traditional ways of making pizzas.

The top five pizzerias chosen by Vallis and even by the team of Food & Wine have the following attributes in common: high power ovens, consistent menu, premium quality ingredients, and an experienced and skill pizza master. They are Motorino in New York, Frank Pepe’s of New Haven, CT, Regina Pizzeria located in Boston, Flour + water in San Francisco, and Pizzeria Bianco of Phoenix.

Vallis noted that Pizza is a perfect dish which needs to be perfected. Yet pizzas are appealing to all the generations thus, increasing the income of the pizza industry.