Gun law in america

Three Reasons Why Living in India is Better Than America

Most people think that living in America is like living in the greatest place here on earth. Being called the “Land of the Free”, most foreigners actually link this to be the most ideal place in this world to live in. Other reasons include Hollywood, Las Vegas, Famous Artists, king-sized and affordable foods and much more. If you’re going to look on that side, well…living in America is indeed a great dream after all.

Gun law in america

On the other hand, whether we accept it or not, most Americans and a few foreigners also find living in America hard. Listed below are the three main reasons why not all people dream of living there.


  1. Not-so-impressive Gun Laws – Being protected by the Constitution’s Second Amendment, all people, whether men or women have the right to buy and own guns as soon as they reach legal age. The law is very useful if the whole country is still in colonization period. However, most people find it true that having guns during this time is just like asking for trouble. Since owning guns is a common right, shooting incidents are becoming more rampant in the country, the Orlando Mass Shooting Incident being the latest one.


  1. Government’s Stupid Bank Bailouts by using the Taxpayers’ Money – Well, most of us think that whenever a business establishment had undergone financial difficulties, they actually have the right to file bankruptcy so that those whom they are indebted into will have no right to force them to pay it back. In the banks’ case in America, however, the U.S. Government had helped the banks bail themselves out by paying their deficits using the taxpayers’ hard-earned money. Most people find somewhat depressing to realize that the government will just put those who are responsible for the crime behind bars and then reimburse the lost finances just like that.


  1. Wars – Whether we accept it or not, wars only bring everyone sorrow at all times. But it’s much more depressing if you’re a citizen of a country who is actually participating in wars that seem somewhat endless. In addition to that, most Americans find it ridiculous to throw their lives away in a faraway country fighting for a cause that most of them actually didn’t know. We all know that the U.S. has been participating in wars from Hitler’s time up to this day for various reasons that aren’t actually doesn’t concern them.